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For Latin teens, quinceañeras are red carpet moments. Young chambelanes pose GQ-style with their best buds for pro photographers, take turns dancing with a young woman who’s celebrating her 15th birthday, and smile for hundreds of rock-star selfies with guests at these milestone celebrations. So, looking fab is mandatory! You know chambelanes wear tuxes or suits, but what about the style, color, and accessories? We’ve got the inside scoop on chambelan fashion and making these young men look like a million bucks at the blow-out birthday bash of the year.

Dressing Up!

chambelan fashion suits

There’s a good chance the upcoming quinceañera is one of the first times a chamberlain has slipped into formalwear. Make the process exciting by planning a group outing with the guys to the tux shop, followed by pizza at their favorite weekend hangout.

The process of getting measured and fitted will be a new experience, so remind them they’re like celebrities getting ready for the Oscars. Grab some snaps that the guys can share later on Instagram!

As you get started, keep these two tips in mind: All the guys need to match and they should show off their personal style. If the teens want to wear red sneakers with tuxes, let them. If they opt for mohawks to show solidarity, encourage it. Just make sure the birthday girl is also onboard with the uncommon fashion choices. This celebration is all about her, after all!

Suit or Tux?

Either one goes. Choose the type of formalwear based on the vibe of the celebration. A beach party calls for soft linen suits. A ballroom extravaganza screams black-tie tux all the way.

Classic chambelanes wear 6-piece formal slim-fit tuxes with narrow lapels on the jacket and straight-leg pants, all in jet black or crisp white, so they don’t upstage their beautiful date.

Don’t want to go with tradition? Trends this year find chambelanes donning shimmery metallic suits. Fabric with a silver or copper sheen lights up the dance floor. If you want to get more eclectic, try crushed velvet or tweed for a retro style quince.

And, Shirts?

Two trends are hot: classic button-ups and novelty T-shirts. Let the guys pick what makes them feel powerful. Choosing superhero tees or crisp cotton shirts in a bold hue to match the lady of the day both look awesome on camera.

How About Accessories?

chambelan fashion accessories

Going formal? Have the guys try on vests, cummerbund, and fancy rental dress shoes. The teens could also pull off top hats and canes for an old-school vibe.

Love a preppy style? Pageboy hats and quirky patterned pocket squares are just the things. The key is to show off the guys’ personalities!

Silk neck scarves, steampunk pocket watches, and boutonnières can be added to any look to jazz it up.

What About Shoes?

Most teens opt for something modern and casual rather than classic loafers. Let the guys browse their options or splurge on some new kicks. As long as they’re comfy, the chambelanes will be happy. Cowboy boots? Sure! Just give ’em a polish first.

And Hairstyles?

Check TMZ. What are celebs wearing this season? Whether it’s longer greased back Johnny Depp locks, teased up, or short and spiky, the guys will want to mirror their idols. Do a trial run on the hair styling if the guys choose something wild like adding hair dye or extensions.

Once the chambelanes realize they can get creative with their formalwear, they’ll be all in on the quinceañera planning. We’ve got suits and tuxes in every style the guys could ever want. Start browsing new chambelan fashion and building a look online today!