The three tiers, white frosting, the bride and groom perfectly encapsulated as the topper on the good ole fashioned wedding cake. Well, we hate to break it to the traditionalists, but not everyone wants to have their cake and eat it too! There are tastier alternatives to solve the problem for the unconventional sweet toothed bride and groom. Consider these cake alternatives when planning the wedding of your sweetest dreams!

Keep it Circular!

Donuts are a fan favorite of every age, not to mention, they’re all the rage right now. There’s so much variety in this option flavor and texture wise. Decide on a cake donut to tie in tradition, or why not have cronuts? Tower the donuts to resemble a wedding cake or incorporate them as added décor! They may have holes, but they are foolproof for satisfaction.

bride and groom in front of a donut tower at their wedding
Image by Shannon Elizabeth Photography

Leave it to the Professionals.

The wedding cake is an integral part of the ceremony, but why end the dessert portion early? Short and sweet doesn’t apply here as your guests can keep the sugar rush all night long. Between the dancing and the booze, you will thank yourself for this innovative option to solve those munchies! Depending on the truck of your choice, dinner and dessert could be combined to one service, potentially saving you some extra dough.

bride and groom kissing in front of edible cook dough food truck
Image by The Dough Shoppe

It’s in the Name!

What’s underappreciated and oh so good? Cheesecake! While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, a solid cheesecake blows any cake out of the water. This dessert brings sophistication and elegance to the table. If you’re incorporating yellow into your color palette, lemon cheesecake would offer the sweetest finish. Going the darker route? Chocolate and/or espresso cheesecake would culminate your silkiest fantasies.

multi-tiered cheesecake as a wedding cake alternative
Image by Kyla’s Cakes N’ Bakes

Sweet and Simple.

You can never go wrong with a chocolate chip cookie. While weddings commonly provide cookies in addition to the main cake, why not make the cookie the main event? This option allows for a near limitless range of flavors. Pick your childhood favorite to share with those you love, or maybe pick the first cookies you and your partner baked together. Nostalgic flavors will help even more in enrapturing your special day.

bride and groom sharing a cookie at their wedding
Image by Glamour

Missing a sweet tooth?

Don’t fret! We mentioned cheesecake earlier, and when you eliminate cake entirely from the equation… cheese! There might be an initial shock when guests realize there’s no cake, but we promise no one will complain once they see wheels of delectable cheese. Enter in sweet and savory with different accoutrements that complement the chosen cheeses. Even stack the wheels to create the traditional wedding cake look! Especially fitting for rustic and minimalistic weddings.

variety of cheese wheels stacked like a wedding cake
Image by Confetti

Size doesn’t matter.

Your favorite dessert may not bring the same glamor and magnitude as a wedding cake, but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t earned a spot at the table! From macaroons to cannoli, churros, or even pie, the way the dessert is presented has more of an effect than what you’re serving itself. Guests will be enticed by whatever is near and dear to the couple, as long as it’s delicious! Use different types of tower stands to play with height, incorporate your theme directly into the dessert table, or try a whimsical presentation.

variety of pies on a table at a wedding
Image by Today’s Bride

Indecision may or may not be your problem.

If none of these options are competing for your wedding dessert dreams, we offer a final solution: Go mini. Mini cakes allow for all your favorites to be at the table. Companies such as Nothing Bundt Cakes specialize in this trade which makes this alternative easily accessible. Your guests will be delighted to have the option of picking their own cake and not having to share! So, when you’re testing the cake flavors and find yourself at a crossroad, choose this option to have it all.

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