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Gray Tuxedos and Suits Remain Popular for Weddings

April 19, 2013

Certainly, the hottest tuxedo color for weddings and proms right now is gray. We are experiencing an overwhelming response to our existing gray tuxedos, the Savoy, and the Steel Grey. Such a great response, in fact, that we recently added a new gray tuxedo and suit to our rental line!

Gray Tuxedo - The Aspen with Purple Windsor Tie

Models Jay and Christina take a stroll in the rain as Jay shows off our new gray tuxedo, The Aspen. Notice how great the tux looks with a purple Windsor tie

The tuxedo has been designed and so has a companion suit. The tux is called the “Aspen” and the suit, the “Dillon.” A matching gray vest is also available to accompany both. The shade of gray for the new tux and suit will fall comfortably between the lighter, heather gray of our Savoy, and the darker shade of our Steel Grey tuxedos.

Are you thinking colorful accessories are going to look good with these gray coats? So are we. As we were preparing for the photoshoot, we saw a number of great color combinations come together. A wide variety of colors from our extensive fullback vest program will complement these gray styles nicely…

As you can see by the images posted here, our photoshoot for the new gray tux and gray suit has been completed. In fact, we accomplished a full day of shooting just this past week at the Missouri Botanical Garden in St. Louis.

Gray Tuxedo - The Aspen with Gray Tie

A colorful setting compliments our new gray tuxedo, the Aspen

No pun intended, but we had gray skies the whole day and a few bouts of rain to chase us indoors. Luckily, we had a colorful setting inside one of the garden’s temperate houses and we captured a number of great shots that will ultimately become catalog pages, posters, and used for other marketing purposes.

The Aspen - Gray Tuxedo Groom and Bride

A model’s job is hard sometimes, isn’t it? Jay and Cristina create an eye-catching photo for our new gray tuxedo, the Apsen

The Aspen and the Dillon are now available for rental from our national network of retailers!

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