You did it! The majority of your dream wedding details are set. The venue, florist, and caterer are booked. Your perfect dress is ordered. You’ve even managed to whittle your guest list into a manageable amount. There’s just one big thing to consider…Tux Rental! It’s the perfect time to get your groom’s opinion, so he feels like he’s a part of the decision-making process, right? That’s right… up until the point that he drops the proverbial bomb: “I want to wear a camouflage tuxedo.” (Insert gasp here.) It’s OK; don’t worry. We can incorporate his camo dream into your wedding with class.

The Mossy Oak Camouflage Vest combines just the right amount of outdoorsman with a truly classic tuxedo look. The camouflage vest and tie will show off your man’s style without your guests questioning which tree he just climbed down.

Fullback Camouflage Tuxedo Vest and Tie

Select a more traditional black vest and bow tie for the ceremony, and let him and his groomsmen go all out with a Mossy Oak camo tux vest or camouflage tie at the reception. We even offer white camo tie and vest styles for the groom.

White camouflage fullback vest with coordinating bow tie


Whether you and your fiancée choose camouflage tuxedo accessories or something more traditional, Jim’s Formal Wear will be here to help you through the process. Shop all of our vest and tie options online.