Congratulations! You’ve selected a great outfit to wear for a special day. But you may be wondering, exactly HOW am I supposed to wear this outfit? Will it fit me? Can I make any adjustments if something doesn’t fit? Don’t worry, we have you covered! Following our step-by-step instructions for how to try on a suit or tuxedo.

Trying on the Pants

Your rental pants have an adjustable waistband that can adjust the pant size by three inches. To get the right fit for your waistline when you try on a suit, find the clip on either side of your pants, open the clip, and slide the waistband tighter or looser.  Close the clip to secure the pant waist.  Repeat the step on the other side of your pants until your pants fit comfortably.

how to try on a suit or tuxedo pants

Once you’ve adjusted the waistline, you’ll want to check the length of your pants. When looking straight ahead, the back of the pant leg should hit your shoe anywhere from the top of the heal to the top of the shoe, depending on your pant length preference.

how to try on a suit or tuxedo - pant breaks

Trying on the Shirt

If you plan to wear a bow tie, you will receive jewelry studs with your shirt. You’ll want to insert the studs before buttoning it. You’ll start on the second button from the top. Find the small hole next to the pearl button and insert a stud through the hole from the back side. The decorative side will face the front. Continue down the shirt until you’ve used all four studs. If you’re wearing a long tie, you won’t need to wear studs as the tie will cover them.

How to wear cufflinks and studs - insert stud through the back buttonhole

Button the shirt using the decorative studs as the buttons. Make sure the shirt fits comfortably around your shoulders and your mid-section.

You’ll notice the shirt has a little stretch in the top button, so it’s easier to button and it fits comfortably around your neck.

Next insert your cufflinks. Rotate the clasp of the cufflink so it looks like a T. Insert the cufflink through the outside buttonhole of your shirt sleeve. Pinch the sleeve together so the insides are touching and insert the cufflink through the second buttonhole. Turn the clasp, so the cufflink stays in place. Repeat on your other sleeve.

How to wear cufflinks and studs - insert cufflink through both holes

When your arms are at your side, the sleeves should end about an inch past your wrist, so you can see the ends of your sleeves when wearing your coat.

Trying on the Tie

Whether you’re wearing a bow tie or long tie, there will be a small, metal hook and clasp on either end of the tie. Use them to fasten the tie around your neck. To adjust the tie looser or tighter, use the slide or clip on the side of the tie to make it longer or shorter.

how to try on a suit or tuxedo - pre-tied tie clasp

The tie should fit snug around your neck.

Trying on the Vest

When you try on the vest, be sure to button all the buttons to determine the fit. Your vest should fit snug but not tight.

Use the adjustable strap in the back of the vest to make any adjustments.  If it’s too loose, pull the clips toward your sides to create a tighter fit.  If it’s too tight, pull the clips toward the center of your back to loosen it.

how to try on a suit or tuxedo vest

If you’re wearing suspenders, it’s generally easier to start in the back. Put the clasps on the back of your pants before you put them on, pull the suspenders over your shoulders, then attach the other clasps on the front of your pants. You can adjust the length by pulling up or down on the clips.

Trying on the Coat

The coat should fit comfortably around your shoulders and mid-section without bunching around your underarms or pulling too tightly in the middle. You shouldn’t see pulling between your shoulder blades. You’ll only need to button the top button.

To determine the sleeve length, put your arms down by your sides, NOT out in front of your body. The coat sleeves should be a little shorter than the shirt sleeves so you can see the end of the shirt sleeves.

If the coat is significantly too big or too small, you’ll want to request a replacement. Just keep in mind, many customers aren’t used to wearing a formal coat, so they request a larger size. However, a larger jacket size means it will be wider in the body, and it may not look as flattering on you.

Folding the Pocket Square

If you’re wearing a pocket square, there are lots of different folds which can be used, but here’s the easiest. Place the pocket square on a table with the front or colorful side facing up.  Pinch the center of the square with one hand and then gather the fabric with your other hand. Now fold the square so it will easily fit into your pocket. Adjust the fabric until you’re happy with the look.

how to try on a suit or vest - folding the pocket square


Completed Look

If anything doesn’t fit, no need to stress. We can accommodate any changes after you try on a suit or tuxedo. Simply contact the store where you placed your order, and they can help with your replacement order.  Or, if you placed your order online, contact our customer service department for changes.

Be sure to return your outfit to either the store where you rented or directly to JFW on the next business day after your event to avoid any late charges.

Now that you know what steps to take when you try on a suit or tuxedo, be prepared to feel confident in your  Jim’s Formal Wear suit or tuxedo.  If you still need to get the rental process started, visit one of our 5000 Jim’s Formal Wear Retailers near you.