Dreaming of starting the next chapter with the love of your life on a coastal shore or up in the mountains? Wherever you have your heart set on tying the knot, destination weddings can be exciting, memorable, and a little bit stressful! Giving yourself plenty of time to prepare for every detail will only help down the line. Below are a few things to keep in mind during planning.

bride and groom wearing a tan suit dancing on a white sandy beach for a destination wedding

The Perfect Location

An unforgettable day deserves an unforgettable view! Putting together a vision board can help you decide on not only the “where” but also the overall aesthetic of the wedding. Incorporate shades of the destination’s landscape into your wedding color palette to capture the essence of the scenery. If you have already decided on a wedding color palette and not a location, use the colors as inspiration when choosing a destination!

Whether your ideal wedding location crosses state lines or an ocean, destination weddings tend to be more genuine and intimate. Is there a place you and your significant other have always wanted to explore? Your wedding is the perfect reason to visit! Or, travel back in time with your wedding guests, to the location of your first date or the go-to place when you were first dating!

seating area for a destination wedding including a blue couch, white cushioned chairs, ferns, and a bar height table


Guest Lodging for Destination Weddings 

Allowing as much time in advance for your guests to plan for your wedding, also means enough time to plan where to stay. Traditionally, destination wedding guest accommodations are not expected to be the couple’s responsibility. However, no one will not appreciate a list of options located near all the wedding action! Hotel blocking is a reliable choice, especially for larger weddings, and tends to take some stress away from everyone involved.

But what if the wedding is happening in a remote area? Homestays are a great alternative to hotels and can be perfect for guests traveling together or wanting a more local-level experience. Providing brief information on convenient homestays ensure that guests truly know what their options are within range. Nevertheless, organizing an itinerary from the welcome party to the farewell brunch will guide the guests in making the best decision for themselves.


cups fills with a fresh fruit salad, spoons, and pink and purple flowers

Planning Additional Events

A favorite plus to having a destination wedding is spending more time celebrating love! During the getaway, schedule some extra time with your guests for bonus fun and memories to show your appreciation. Making time for location-specific excursions, suitable for the age range of your guests, is an exciting addition to the itinerary. Schedule a local food tour, group hike, or snorkeling adventure. Immerse yourself and your guests in the local culture: food and adventure alike! 

If your guest list is too large to incorporate everyone into the plans, be strategic about scheduling activities by asking your VIP’s to arrive or depart a day or two early. That way you won’t have to worry about the other guests feeling left out.

table settings with white tablecloths, navy chairs, white flowers, and gold flatware

Wedding Packages/Vendors

While you can research local vendors on your own, destination wedding planners are a great resource to turn to for help with recommending the best wedding package for your big day. Whether you choose to plan independently or with a professional, it is recommended to visit the location, at least once, if possible. This way, you can meet with vendors, view potential venues, and ensure final decisions meet expectations.  Or, if you prefer your local vendors, confirm with your lodging contact that items can be stored on sight until the big day.

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