Summer is here! That means summer weddings are in full swing! While most weddings take place in spring and fall, summer months are the perfect season to take full advantage of outdoor entertainment such as lawn games, with a designated cooling-off area, of course! Utilizing an outdoor area for socializing and mingling generates a space designed to naturally break the ice and create memorable moments, especially during the day’s “in-between” periods. Set up some lawn games and let the fun begin! 

Jenga Lawn Game

The classic tower-building game that leaves everyone smiling and laughing! Both the standard and giant-sized versions are perfect for most age ranges and do not require too much movement, ideal for avoiding overheated guests. Added plus, this fan favorite is sure to give your photographer some great action shots! For game enthusiasts, there are tons of personalizing options online to add wedding details to the blocks. Or, have the guests sign the block pieces (with a sweet message!) as a way to commemorate the big day! Jenga can be played with two to six players, making it a perfect choice for any sized wedding reception!

men playing a Jenga lawn game wearing dress pants and dress shirts

Connect Four Lawn Game

This family-friendly lawn game is not only entertaining to players but also to spectators! This nostalgic game’s rules are straightforward, yet require skill and a hint of competitiveness. Set up a giant version of this game and watch the inner child of your guests come to life. This game can also be customized by painting the pieces to match the wedding color palette



outdoor checkers lawn game

Cornhole Lawn Game

Cornhole, the quintessential all-American summer game. Arrange a few boards side by side and watch your guests go head to head for cornhole champion! Like most wedding lawn games, the rules are easy to follow and casual enough for a wedding happy hour. Similar to Jenga, its simplistic structure provides the opportunity to customize the boards and/or the beanbags with the wedding’s details. Whether guests team up or play one on one, its presence is sure to grab the attention of a broad range of guests!

cornhole lawn game with bags lined up on the board

Croquet Lawn Game

A classic wedding game, that is easy to learn and even more fun to play! Place the pegs into the desired court design, and watch it come to life! Beloved by the English and French, players will feel as elegant as they look playing. Croquet can be played with two, four, or six players, even those in formal wear! It may appear whimsical once assembled, but tapping the wooden balls through the court is more challenging than it seems! 


lawn games - croquet set at an outdoor wedding with the white tent seen in the background


Badminton Lawn Game

For a lawn game that is more physically challenging than the others listed, badminton holds the advantage of needing endurance, without sacrificing the ease of setup. Sets are lightweight and portable. Lights can be laced within the net as a nighttime option for a romantic outdoor setting. For boho-themed weddings, replace the netting with a macramé curtain as added flair! The rules are easy to learn on the fly, which allows more time to recruit a team. 

lawn games - Badminton racket and birdie

When considering the option of wedding lawn games, the comfort level of the attendees and wedding party is a crucial aspect. Suits like Allure Men’s Ultra Slim Sand Brunswick Suit provides breathable movement for the groom and/or groomsmen. If the wedding’s aesthetic is on the more casual side, a wide array of suspender colors are available from Jim’s Formal Wear. Need guidance on how to style your summer wedding? Contact one of our 4500 locally owned retailers nationwide for some professional input or get started online with our Event Manager.