Wedding hashtags have become quite a staple in modern-day weddings. They are an effective way to share and consolidate photos in real-time. Acting as a virtual wedding album, a wedding hashtag is an extra way to connect with both attending and absent guests. The efforts of the professional photographer will never go unnoticed, it’s simply impossible to embody every moment of such festivity. Fill in the day’s blanks by providing attendees with a hashtag to look back on the significant (and silly!) events. 

Although fun to share, wedding hashtag creation can take more effort than originally anticipated. Are they even required? No, not in all cases. However, commemorate the day the way you see fit! Embrace the phrase at the early wedding celebrations like the bridal shower, bachelor/bachelorette party, and rehearsal dinner. We’ve put together some key points to keep in mind during this task to ensure the best quality final result. 

image of a wedding planner book

Where to Begin Choosing a Wedding Hashtag

Explore the Basics

Wedding planning requires enough energy! Write a list of significant words or terms you want to incorporate into the hashtag. First and last names are indisputably the best way to initiate the final product. Consider the wedding date, name and/or location of the venue, and wedding theme. Integrate any childhood or couple nicknames for an extra personal touch! 

Playing Up the Puns 

Is a wedding hashtag just that without wordplay? Take advantage of possible rhymes or alliterations that stem from names, nicknames, or other key factors needed to be included in the hashtag! Turn to the particularly witty loved one for comedic inspiration, or appoint the best man for additional input. 

Brainstorm Initial Thoughts

Going hand in hand with the first step, log the hashtag ideas which come to mind. The captured original thoughts can always be refined or built upon, so avoid letting them get ruled out.  

group of friends taking a selfie to share with the couple via a wedding hashtag

Mistakes to Avoid

Too Long 

Long hashtags are difficult to read. Clarity is the first step in creating guest excitement to post their images. Typing an extended hashtag is a tough feat, especially after a few reception cocktails. Contain the hashtag phrase between 15-20 characters, to support ease of memory and avoid platform character limits. 

Hard-to-Spell Words

Names come in all shapes and sizes, that’s what makes people unique! For names not commonly familiar to spell, focus on building a hashtag involving the date or wedding venue. This prevents misspelled hashtags on photos you could never see. 

Already Taken 

Don’t disregard the effort of creating a hashtag! Its sole purpose is to have wedding photos in one exclusive place. A little research assures photos will not be in a shared space of a stranger, mixing both weddings’ photos together. The solution may be as simple as replacing a letter with a number!

More Than One Hashtag 

During the creative process, it could be difficult to choose just one clever hashtag! Providing more than one reduces the chances of the guests remembering (especially with that reception open bar) and using each one, defeating the purpose. Before the wedding invitations are sent out, have a family member, maid of honor, or even your spouse make the final decision between the ones that are too good not to consider! Or, if multiple hashtags are wanted, use them throughout the pre-wedding parties! 


Although capitalization won’t matter to search engines, displaying the hashtag in lowercase, causes an additional step against legibility and remembering it for users. Throw out academic rules and capitalize words like “and”, “the” and “to” for assurance the joke or pun is noticed!

Display a sign with the wedding hashtag at the entrance to the wedding

Displaying Your Wedding Hashtag

Wedding Invitations and Website

Take a deep breath, the hard part is over! Celebrate this achievement by sharing it, literally, everywhere! Preserve space on wedding invitations and other celebratory stationary for early awareness. Place the hashtag throughout your wedding website as further exposure. The more guests see the hashtag, the more likely it will be used. 

Wedding Signage

Spread the word further during the wedding day! Design personalized signs placed at the ceremony entrance, on ceremony programs, or dedicate a greeting table to its purpose. Guests will be referring to the displays for directions anyways, making this an ideal location!

Photo Booth and Photo Props

Encourage guests to share photo booth images on social media where it makes the most sense! Set up depending, position the hashtag on a sign, or arrange it on custom props, and watch the hashtag come to life!

Place Holders

The post-ceremony celebrations begin at the dinner table. It is a popular area for guests to capture time with each other, especially little ones. Placeholders are another wedding necessity that guests utilize throughout the ceremony. Capitalize on their importance by including the hashtag here. 


While hashtags serve a very meaningful purpose, some couples agree that nothing is off-limits during a reception. There is no way to control who tags what images with the given hashtag. As lively as guests can become, weddings are a time to dress their best and celebrate accordingly.  Capture endearing moments of the wedding party and guests, starting with their attire. Jim’s Formal Wear tailors each style with comfort and confidence in mind, even candid moments! Consult any of the 4,500 retailers nationwide to ensure wedding looks for all attendees are picture ready!