When it comes to weddings, the guest list commonly includes family members or those who might as well be! Many families with a pet know how quickly their animals become a part of the family. From early wedding planning to the day of, the beloved pets have been there for it all. 

Despite every loving intention, having personal animals at your wedding is not always feasible. Ceremony location, schedule, and attendees play a big role in deciding if they should tag along. Stay respectful and be sure to take into account your human guests’ needs and limitations due to allergies or other concerns. 

bride and groom holding their two corgis wearing ties as a part of their wedding party

Considering Animals at the Wedding?

“Yes” to Incorporating Your Furbabies:

  • Venue approved
  • Pets react well in new places
  • Have a designated caregiver during the ceremony


Reasons to Reconsider Animals at the Wedding: 

  • Anxious pets around new people/large crowds
  • Guests with animal allergies
  • Inadequate accommodations throughout the event


Key Wedding Participant

With the increase in destination weddings and elopements including pets continuing, some venues offer four-legged friends to make your wedding day that much more memorable. Serving as an honorary guest, flower pet, or event coordinator (aka: lounging whilst the party is getting ready), they are bound to be a shining star throughout the day!

Count down to the simultaneous “aww’s” of the crowd as your canine makes its way to the officiant, as a formal escort or ring bearer.

animals in weddings are adorable like this bulldog wearing a tuxedo with a blue bow tie

Show Stopping Entrance

Saddle up the groomsmen and hit the road, it’s time to get hitched! An event this memorable deserves an entrance to match. Our equine companions are the perfect way to immerse guests in your wedding theme, whether that’s country or regal and elegant. Adorn the noble steeds in classic western gear, or doll them up in braids and florals. Horses are also a fantastic addition to your wedding photography, amidst wedding processions and/or wedding party portraits.


groomsmen riding horses to the wedding


Personal Cocktail Connoisseur

Taking another trip (or two) to the open bar may be a thing of the past. These adorable beer burros are hired to tend to refreshment cravings. Stocked with fan-favorite beverages (don’t forget soda or juice for the kids!), they inevitably leave guests unsure what to do with themselves. Keep the cameras ready!

animals in weddings - bride and groom toasting glasses as a miniature horse looks on

Loved Up with Llamas

Looking for the unforgettable wedding detail that gives guests something to talk about for months afterward? Llamas have officially entered the scene! These ridiculously huggable animals are the answer to entertaining guests between the ceremony and reception and are masters at getting even the most stoic attendee to crack a smile for the photographer. Reasoning behind the trending appearance may still be fully unknown, but we can all agree that it’s here to stay!


bride and groom posing with a llama with a wreath around its neck at their wedding celebration



Animals provide pure entertainment and are adored by guests of all ages. The photo opportunities with pets and animals of any kind are not only priceless, they are endless!


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