Holiday season is right around the corner and with that, comes the holiday party invites!  With work-from-home being the norm nowadays, so is wearing sweats all day which makes dressing correctly for the holiday party even more important and possibly stressful.   Jim’s Formal Wear is here to help you not stress by providing some tips and inspiration to help you sparkle and shine during the most wonderful time of the year!


Formal Elegance

If your holiday party is going to be a bit more upscale and fancier, then you’ll need a fit that is equally ritzy.  A traditional black tailcoat with pique bow tie and vest paired with shiny black shoes will have you looking dapper.  If that style is a bit too formal for your taste, then opt for a black tuxedo with a black bow tie.  Add a pop of Christmas cheer with a red or emerald green pocket square for a finishing touch.  An Ivory Dinner jacket with black pants and bow tie would be the ideal choice if your party is near the water.  This look would bring the coastal, lighter vibe while still capturing the festive, winter feeling.

Man standing, wearing black tailcoat with white tie and vest

Festive and Fun

Parties are meant to be fun so why not carry that into your outfit!  Make a statement and standout at your holiday party in a fun pattern like a Paisley coat.  Choose an Apple Red to be on point with the Christmas color theme or something a bit more subtle like a Granite or Black Paisley.   These coats are eye-catching so you won’t need to get too crazy with accessories.  Switch up the traditional white shirt with a black one for a sleeker, fashion-forward look.   A classic black bow tie or no tie at all will complete your stylish attire.  If you don’t wear a tie, make sure to add a gold or silver chain for a little swag.

man and woman dressed for holiday party. Guy is wearing granite paisley coat and black pants, woman is wearing black shimmer dress

Evening Dinner

Breakout of the traditional black and navy suit for an evening or dinner holiday party.  Have all eyes on you in a beautiful burgundy suit.  It’s a color that never goes out of style and will have everyone mesmerized and not to mention jealous of your fashionable expertise.   Keep it simply with a white dress shirt and black bow tie.  Since it’s the holiday season, why not go with a dark green suit for an evening out with friends and family.   We would recommend donning a black shirt sans tie or a black tie to keep the look chic and casual.  This captivating look would even have the Grinch in a happy and joyous Christmas-y mood!

Guy wearing a hunter green suit with a black shirt and black striped tie

Semiformal or Cocktail

Keep it simple for holiday party that is semiformal or a cocktail party.  You’ll want to go with a classic suit for a more casual and relaxed vibe.  Choose between a black, dark grey, or navy suit.  Elevate your look by adding a festive tie or pocket square for a nice finishing touch.  Or you could go with no tie and add some fun shoes to spice up your style game.  Slip on some gold sparkle shoes to help make you sparkle and shine all night long!  If the get-together is a bit more chill, forego the suit pants and instead put on a nice pair of jeans with a dark suit jacket and black casual dress shoes.

guy wearing navy suit and bow tie

One of the things that makes the holiday season so special is the holiday cheer that fills the air and a holiday party is no exception. Holiday parties are a great way to celebrate the festive season with family, friends, and colleagues.  Whether you’re hosting or attending, your holiday outfit needs to reflect this magical time of the year.  Jim’s Formal Wear has what you need to help spread the holiday cheer and make sure you are aren’t on Santa’s naughty list.  Start browsing today or visit your local JFW retailer to get started!