It’s February 14th. You’re enamored… cannot wait for your special night… your date arrives… there are flowers, chocolates, and crocs…? Hold up! You might be head over heels, but that can’t overlook what it takes to dress to impress. On Valentine’s Day, everyone wants to show they’re ready for their love story, and what better way to express yourself than with your outfit. Whether your night consists of a black-tie evening or a home-cooked dinner, we’ll help you show up for yourself, and your date. We’ve listed styles for each occasion for you to channel the reds, the pinks, and forget the blues!

Sidenote: The Color Scheme

Ladies first! Before selecting your bold red or shy pink, check in with your reason for celebrating. Your look should complement your partner’s outfit. If her dress is screaming red, don’t scream too. Keep the energy with subtle accents such as a red tie and pocket square with the overarching color being calmer, opt for a grey or tan. Is her dress a nude color? Then dawn the colors of the day in a burgundy or apple red suit. You complement each other in the relationship, the clothing should be a reflection! Don’t think of it as just an outfit, be the grand gesture for her on Valentine’s Day and she’ll remember it to date.

Valentine's Day look: lady in floral dress in shades of pink, coral and red and the man in a a tan suit, white button down shirt and white loafers

Black-Tie Dinner

It’s the event of the season, and after a couple years of canceled outings and lock-down sweats, here’s your chance to go big! Valentine’s Day is the perfect excuse to put on your best tux and gown to hit the town. Jim’s Formal Wear specializes in this exquisite display of love through a multitude of suits and tuxedos fitting for February 14th.

Seeking to make a statement? The Apple Red Paisley and Ultra Slim Burgundy Empire styles will do you justice by bringing personality and ritz to the table. If your date is dawning the color of the evening, opt for a neutral-toned suit/tuxedo. The Tan Havana, Ultra Slim Sand Brunswick Suit, and Steel Grey Sterling Wedding Suit will compliment your date while providing you with an effortless, up-scale look. A neutral-tone suit/tuxedo allows for hints of color between the tie and the pocket square. Embody the wine that’ll be flowing with a wine-colored tie and pocket square. Rose is what’s being served? Try a dusty rose, blush floral, mauve floral, or rose petal for a gorgeous, subtle pop of pink.

A deep red evening gown will make you the lady of the night. A satin long dress with a cowl neck is the epitome of class. For a chic, charismatic look, opt for a cocktail party dress and be bold with the color; pair it with dainty heels for a refined romantic look. Capture your own fairy tale in the fabric! A wispy, full-length gown with pastel florals will have your date enraptured. Instead of florals, play with ruffles in a tiered ruffle tulle dress to add dimension to your unconventional night. A quiet lover? Subtle colors will capture your date’s heart and while staying true to your vibe. Red stilettos will have your date enamored with your effortless Valentine’s Day look.

Valentine's Day look for him: man in black tuxedo

Classic Dinner and a Movie

A timeless date never goes out of style, and neither should your outfit! Refer back to the black-tie dinner if you choose, for the movies don’t mean you have to dress down. The tuxedo and gown may be out of your comfort zone, but there are still some options to bring class to your local theater. Dress down the suit by ditching the tie and bringing attention to the button-up underneath; a Tan Havana suit with a white button-up is more than suitable for the occasion. A cable-knit sweater is classy and comfortable, perfect for both settings of the evening!

If your date is siding with the neutral suit or sweater, this opens the door for you to bring all the color. A light pink sweater tunic dress paired with boots or a ribbed mock-neck midi dress with subtle heels will have your date’s eyes glued to you, not the screen! Vintage clothing accentuates the timeless aspect of the date and radiates class. Opt for a retro collared long-sleeve corduroy dress or a high neck back keyhole buttoned shirt with a leather skirt to embody old-school romance.

Valentine's Day

Home is Where the Heart is

Curate a beautiful evening at home for your Valentine, for there’s not much more of a greater act of love than opening your heart and your home to your loved one. A five-star restaurant could exist right in your own kitchen; if this is the case, be playful and dawn the black-tie attire for a chance to be best dressed without even having to hit the streets! If Chinese takeout and wine is the vibe, match the ambiance with a casual outfit that still embodies a chance at romance. Cater to the fireplace ambiance by wearing a sleek warm red bodysuit with balloon sleeves or a cowl neck paired with white high-waisted trousers. Just want to be in jeans? Go for a pair of 70’s high flare jeans and pair with a low-cutting top or off-the-shoulder sweater for an elevated low-maintenance look.

The previous two date nights could also apply to the style of an evening at home on Valentine’s Day. The tuxedo might be too restraining if you’re the head chef, but the no-tie suit might be flexible enough. If you’re worried about putting together a heartfelt outfit after date preparation, don’t fret just yet. Jeans are completely acceptable dressed up with a chocolate brown corduroy shirt or a cotton waffle sweater. Just so over clothes? Forget the norms of Valentine’s attire and put on matching pajamas, or maybe even some cheesy heart-printed sweats!

Galentines/Palentines this Valentine’s Day

Hi Barbie! Gone are the days of Kens, pink is in, men are out! What better day to be the Barbie you’re meant to be and rock a pink two-piece set or a red-hot dress? Coordinate your outfit with the girls and have everyone go in a different shade of pink. Girl-boss the night in a blazer and pantsuit, add a lace camisole or low-cut bodysuit underneath for a flirty flare.

Valentine's Day look for her: black mini, black and white cami, black knee length boots, and oversized blue blazer

Guys night out? If your crew is taking over the dive bar, put on your best Levi’s and embrace the crewneck for comfort. A good pair of jeans and a cable-knit sweater will have you prepared and fashionably dressed for wherever the night takes you.

Valentine's Day look for him: cable knit sweater and black pants

For the Outdoor Adorers

Is the temperature reflecting the heat of the moment? Don’t sweat just yet, you can still look classy for your lassie on Valentine’s Day with these sleek warm-weather looks. A collared button-up short sleeve or a vintage short-sleeve polo is a great compromise between contemporary style and comfort. Pair with slacks/chinos or trending cargo pants, brown loafers, and accessorize with a gold chain. Instead of loafers, red air forces or Jordans would allow for personality and would tie in those Valentine’s colors.

A picnic date or beachside getaway begs for a sundress! Pastel pinks and reds with a wispy fabric will take your date’s breath away while allowing you to breathe. It may seem early to play with florals, but an outdoor date on Valentine’s Day is just the exception you need for a floral-patterned dress. Printed satin dresses are also gorgeous and will accent your figure while feeling loose-fitting. Cold enough for a sweater? A front-slit denim skirt and a red sweater is an all-American look that will seem effortless yet still convey your love for the day.

Black Heart

Not every Valentine’s Day is one to be celebrated. Going out hoping to run into that certain someone? Revenge dress! Channel Princess Diana with a simple black gown. A classic little black dress will have everyone turning heads. Be playful with the style and opt for a sweetheart neckline. If a dress is not your vibe, leather pants always make a statement, especially when paired with a lace camisole or form-fitting bodysuit. Depending on the occasion, fellas could also channel the revenge style with an all-black suit with a hint of red in the tie or pocket square. Not seeking the black-tie attire? A sleek button-up with dress pants and a chain will have you bringing the heat to February 14th.

Partner full of surprises? Don’t fret!

A surprise Valentine’s date always sends the heart to the races, but also your head. What to wear when you don’t know what to expect! Try asking your partner for a shoo-in to the dress-code for the event. If no clues were given, accessories and outerwear will aid in keeping you ready for whatever comes your way. A classy overcoat will obtain a sharp image while allowing the flexibility for the date to extend from indoors to outdoors. Overcoats not your style? Keep your edge with a leather jacket. A brown leather or distressed black bomber jacket adds personality to a crisp button-down and slacks. Burgundy leather is trendy and can be your color keepsake for the day. Pair with a neutral dress or cargo khakis for a chic ready-to-rumble look.

Remember, it’s what’s on the inside that counts, but a little flare might be what you need to create a fire this Valentine’s Day. Jim’s Formal Wear is here to help ignite that flame. From our suits down to the perfect pink pocket square or tie, we offer a vast array of affordable options that will have you feeling like the star in your own rom-com. Can’t lose the crocs? We offer rental services for our shoes too! Check out one of our locations nationwide or search our site to find the ideal fit for your special occasion.