High school is a time of newfound independence and spending as much time as possible with friends. For lower classmen, high school is full of new decisions like their first-day outfit, cute new backpacks, and a full social calendar! Nothing bids farewell to summer like the back-to-school season. 

The fall semester at any high school holds countless moments of excitement about new routines and upcoming school events. Homecoming is one of the most special occasions for teens entering high school. While prom, senior skip day, and the highly anticipated graduation celebrations are reserved for upperclassmen, homecoming opens its doors for all students to have a great time creating lifelong memories. Whether students are on the homecoming committee or simply planning for a perfect end to the week-long festivities, they’ll need time to figure out the details from outfit to asking their crush to the dance. If students are planning to bring a +1 to the celebration, traditions suggest making it an EPIC proposal.


The key to a homecoming proposal is to factor in what their date likes the most and personalize it to make it memorable. Including interests through signs, decorations, and other details set the tone for an incredible night. The more personal the proposal, the more likely they are to say yes..but who are we kidding, they’ll say yes! 

group of 3 boys and 2 girls taking a selfie in their formal homecoming attire

Get ready to be the talk of homecoming season with the best proposal themes for any student! 


Movie and TV-Themed 

Is your crush currently binge-watching the newest season of their favorite show, or completely obsessed with a movie? Incorporate well-known lines from the script onto the poster board you are designing. Decorate with logos, scenes, or symbols from the motion picture as an added bonus!


  • It would Loki marvelous if you’d swing with me to homecoming (Avengers)
  • In a galaxy far, far away, I see you and me dancing the night away. HoCo? (Star Wars)
  • I know I’m not Harry Potter, but can I be your “Chosen One” at homecoming? (Harry Potter) 


  • Will you be my lady at homecoming? (Lady and the Tramp)
  • This might be Sully, but would you go to homecoming with me? (Monsters, Inc.)
  • Hei hei, do you Moana go to homecoming with me? (Moana) 
  • Light up my night and get tangled with me at homecoming? (Tangled)

TV Shows: 

  • You don’t have a homecoming date? False! You do now! (The Office) 
  • I’ll be there for you at HoCo, will you be there for me too? (Friends)
  • Before we’re stuck in the Upside Down, homecoming? (Stranger Things)


Animal Themed

How could anyone say no to a homecoming proposal when their four-legged friend is included? Personalizing the proposal with the help of pets is sure to please any animal lover. Attach a sign with the big question to a collar or through the messaging on the poster! For pets that are adored but aren’t thrilled with the idea, use a stuffed animal or themed accessories to stay in the theme!

  • HoCo would be ruff without you! (Dog)
  • Moo-ve it on the HoCo dancefloor with me? (Cow)
  • Homecoming? Yay or Neigh? (Horse)
  • Whale have a sea-riously good time at homecoming together (Whale)


Sports Themed

For the homecoming crushes who spend their extra time at the gym or practically live on a court or field, a sport-themed proposal would be a grand slam! Decorate the sign with their favorite sports gear or equipment. This could be a baseball glove, basketball, or Stanley Cup, for hockey lovers. Use their passion for their sport to your advantage! Even coordinate with fellow teammates to help pop the big question!

  • I’m throwing my best shot, will you kick it with me at homecoming? (Football) 
  • Let me pitch you an idea, how about we go to homecoming together? (Baseball/Softball)
  • When you’re done shooting 3’s, will you go to homecoming with me? (Basketball)
  • Let’s make a racket at HoCo! (Tennis)
  • You’re my hat trick of happiness. Will you score the winning goal and go to homecoming with me? (Hockey)


Food Themed

It’s been said, “fries before guys” but why not both? Foodies everywhere love a good reason to indulge in their favorite snack! Take note of their top picks in the cafeteria and during study sessions to later use as inspiration for the homecoming proposal. You’ll fill your crush’s heart and stomach!

  • I’ve never done this before but, I’m just gonna wing it… Will you go to homecoming with me? (Chicken wings)
  • Will you roll with me to Homecoming? (Sushi)
  • We would make a sweet couple at HoCo (Cupcakes)
  • I cannoli ask one person so.. HoCo? (Cannolis)
  • What’s the pasta-bility you’d go to homecoming with me? (Pasta)
  • Let’s taco ‘bout HoCo (Tacos)

two high schoolers in tuxedos standing close to a girl in a blue homecoming dress

Homecoming Outfits

Whether you’re headed to your first homecoming dance or last, what you wear can make all the difference at the event! Choosing an outfit that makes you feel great (especially on the dancefloor) and coordinates with your date is essential. Find out what your homecoming is labeled, semi-formal or formal, and highlight your personal style! While many looks are suitable for the dance, consider a tailored look to impress your date and your friends. Grab the guys in your friend group and discover the thousands of color combinations online at Jim’s Formal Wear or pick a day to visit one of the 4,500 retailers nationwide to customize your homecoming attire!