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5 Non-Traditional Wedding Looks

June 8, 2020

Your wedding is a very special time in your life, but if you’ve attended other weddings in the past as a guest, you may notice that wedding outfits can feel a little cookie-cutter. It’s important that your wedding day outfit fits your personality and style. If you and your soon-to-be spouse want a wedding look that breaks the mold, check out our ideas for 5 non-traditional wedding looks for grooms below.

non-traditional wedding looks - Two men in burgundy tuxedos with two bridesmaids

Rock a tux in an unexpected color

If your wedding is a semi-formal affair, ditch the traditional black tuxedo jacket and add a pop of color to your look. Not sure what color to choose? A burgundy tuxedo is perfect for fall or winter weddings when paired with other colors like marigold, emerald, navy, or plum. A forest green tuxedo works well in a lighter spring or summer palette of cream, mauve, dove grey, and dusty blue. 

Go monochrome

Can’t decide on a color, or none of them feel like your style? Go the opposite direction and wear an entirely black outfit. A black shirt, black tie, black shoes, and black suit will look cool and unexpected. Just make sure all of the shades of black “match” in warmth and tone. To top it off, pick the perfect lapel flower that will stand out from your monochrome look.

Choose a quirky suit pattern or fabric

Heading to the courthouse in the summer, or having a ceremony on the beach? Why not wear a chambray, linen, or cotton suit? They’re great choices for more relaxed and casual weddings. If your dress code isn’t that casual, consider a fun pattern that adds dimension and texture, like a grey plaid suit


If you’ll have cooler temps on your wedding day, that doesn’t mean you have to stick to black or charcoal grey wool suits. Why not wear a cozy flannel suit in green, navy, or red plaid? Or a luxurious velvet jacket with black trousers? We guarantee you’ll stay warm in one of those options, especially if you add a waistcoat or pullover sweater to your outfit.

Mismatched jacket and trousers

For vintage and bohemian lovers, try a down-to-earth, informal look with a mismatching jacket and trousers. Got a beige tweed jacket that you love? Pair it with dark trousers in rust, navy, or dark brown and brown leather shoes. 


For an afternoon wedding in warm weather, get creative with a tan suit: swap the tan pants for black, add a black bowtie, black leather shoes, and the perfect pocket square to create a fresh look. Or, create a perfectly preppy vibe with a navy blue suit jacket, grey pants, a pink dress shirt, and tie.

Flowers, flowers, everywhere

Are you an eco-friendly couple who doesn’t want to spend money on fresh flowers for decorations? We get it! You can still have lots of flowers in your wedding by putting them elsewhere: in your outfit. 


Swap a solid colored or classic tie for a floral necktie or bowtie that complements your suit or tuxedo. Need more flowers? Wear a floral shirt instead of a white dress shirt with a black or navy blue suit. Or, go full floral and wear a suit jacket and trousers with a flower print. Remember that your floral suit is the star of the show, so keep your dress shirt, tie, and shoes classic for this look.

Start building your wedding outfit

To make your wedding day truly special and memorable, find the perfect outfit with Jim’s Formal Wear! We have wedding suits, wedding tuxedos, and accessories to create a look you’ll love. Browse our online collection of traditional and non-traditional wedding looks today! 

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