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How to Measure for a Suit or Tuxedo

June 18, 2020

how to measure for a tux or suit

While it’s generally best to have a professional take your measurements for a tuxedo or suit rental, we understand it’s not always convenient. Whether you’re an out-of-town groomsman who needs to submit measurements for a wedding or your busy schedule just won’t allow you to visit a local store, we have you covered. Follow these easy step-by-step instructions to learn how to measure for a suit or tuxedo.

For accurate results, you’ll need two people to complete the process. You’ll also need a quality tailor’s measuring tape which is available for purchase at most stores. Follow the steps closely, as accurate measurements are important for a properly fitted tuxedo or suit.

Chest measurement

Overarm measurment

Waist measurement

Outseam measurement

Hip measurement

Neck measurement

Sleeve measurement

Measurement Form

Now that you’ve watched the videos and know how to measure for a rental suit or tuxedo, use our handy measurement form to ensure you collect all the necessary information. Once you’ve completed the process, send your information to a local Jim’s Formal Wear Retailer to get the rental process started.

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