So your partner popped the big question and you answered with an ecstatic “YES”! Now what? Where do you begin? Planning a wedding is no small task. While the process of planning a wedding is different for every couple, setting a wedding date should be a top priority. Here are 4 simple steps to setting a wedding date with ease.

Set a budget

We know…budgeting is not one of those things you want to think about when dreaming of your wedding. However, setting (and sticking to) a budget is a must. Talk with your family. Find out who’s contributing and how much is being contributed. Decide how much you and your fiancé can comfortably contribute. Knowing your budget in advance will help narrow down some of your most difficult wedding planning decisions, including the wedding date.  If your budget is tight, consider a weekday wedding or an off-season date to save some expense.

man and women sitting outside at table with laptops setting a wedding date

Make a wish list

What kind of wedding have you been dreaming of? A rustic countryside setting with lush spring florals? An elegant ballroom adorned with rich fabrics and sparkling crystal? An intimate elopement with an ocean sunset? The possibilities are truly endless. Start sifting through your ideas. Make a list of all of your wants and must-haves. List venues, décor, vendors for florals, food, music, and more. Be sure to include your fiancé in the fun. After all, you’re in this together. You might be surprised at how similar your ideas are.

Choose a time of year

Now that you have a good idea of what you want and what you can afford it’s time to start thinking about the when. But don’t get too caught up in choosing an exact date just yet. Instead, start thinking about your favorite season or weather. Keep in mind that list of wants and needs. Consider what you want to wear or how you want to decorate. Some things, such as florals, may come at a higher cost if out of season. Or, they may not be available at all.

Also, think about the comfort and availability of your guests. Wearing a suit in the summer may not be ideal. And holidays are usually a busy time for everyone, so it’s best to steer clear of those dates.

wedding table with flowers, plates, glasses

Contact venues and vendors

Start contacting your top venue and vendor choices ASAP. Find out what dates they have available in your preferred season(s).  If there are available dates and they are in your budget, go ahead and book what you can right away. You’ll find that these things book up fast and often far in advance. Don’t get discouraged if your first choices aren’t available. Keep an open mind. Think outside of the box. Maybe even check into the availability of different week-day wedding options. Or, consider extending your engagement into the next year if the dates you want are not available.


There is no doubt that setting a wedding date can be overwhelming. So, start early and give yourself plenty of time to plan. And don’t forget to take time to celebrate and enjoy your engagement. Whatever date you choose, it will be special, now and forever. And when you’re ready to start planning the details, count on Jim’s Formal Wear to make you look great that day!  Get started building your perfect tux or suit online!