2020 is almost in the rearview and everybody is excited to welcome 2021; especially brides and grooms-to-be! With a new year, new trends are emerging for the wedding industry. To-the-max and over-the-top weddings are gone and stepping in are understated, sleek weddings with more intimacy for everyone. Here are the best trends for weddings in 2021 that you can incorporate into your big day!


Buffets were a staple at weddings before Covid-19. However, with safety concerns, couples are now opting for smaller plated dinners and individualized portions.

Gone are the days of one large wedding cake. With cozier weddings, a lot of couples don’t see the need for a large cake. Instead, they are opting for mini cakes that are more vibrant in detail. Add radiant flowers that go along with your color palette as a topper. You could even have a cupcake or donuts tower in place of the large wedding cake too!

Another big trend is charcuterie boards. Couples are using a grazing table for the cocktail hour or even in place of their dessert table. With savory meats, cheeses, breads, and crackers, your guests will be ecstatic by the convenience and deliciousness.

cheese tower, charcuterie board, mini cake tower

Weekday Weddings

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s how to be thrifty and adapt to change. In the past, the most popular days to get married were Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. With a lot of couples having to postpone their wedding to later in 2020 or even to 2021, the weekends were filling up fast for venues. A solution is to have a weekday wedding. If you had your heart set on a particular venue, choosing to have it on a weekday, could open the possibility of still having it there. It could also save you thousands of dollars!

Pop of Color

Whites, creams, and greenery are a thing of the past. Couples are using bright, fun, bold, happy colors. Whether that be in the décor, flowers, stationery, or even the attire. More and more brides are having their bridesmaids dress in a variety of colors; such as different shades of purple. The groom is also someone that can add a pop of color. Nowadays couples are opting to forego the traditional black suit. Forest green or burgundy suits or tuxedos are a great choice for winter weddings. Or, choose blush, light blue, and even ivory for summer weddings.

bride in bridal gown with hat and groom in burgundy tux jacket


The majority of couples already live together when they decide to get married. They’ve already purchased basic household items and are not in need of the “traditional” wedding gifts such as towels, blenders, or silverware. Instead, they are asking for cash that can be used for the home they wish to buy one day or their honeymoon. Some are even asking their guests to donate to their favorite charity.

Decor & Lighting

Even though weddings are becoming smaller and more intimate, one thing that brides and grooms will be going all out with is the decorations. With huge, dramatic floral backgrounds and lavish accents, it’s sure to make a statement. Lighting will also play a big role in 2021. With more outdoor weddings taking place and unique venues like gardens and breweries, mood lighting will bring that romantic, fairy-tale ambiance to the wedding. You can use vintage chandeliers, candles, modern tube lighting, and hanging basket lanterns to help set the mood.

trends for weddings in 2021 - a bunch of string lights inside a venue

To sum it up, 2021 wedding trends are all about intimacy, color, and over-the-top décor. With smaller weddings, it allows the bride and groom to focus more on the smaller details, ultimately creating a great experience for themselves and their guests. However you decide to celebrate, Jim’s Formal Wear has what you need to look your best on your wedding day! Get started online or in stores.