Weddings can be long and boring for children. Make your wedding day special for even the smallest guests! We’ve put together this list of fun ways to entertain kids at your wedding. Consider adding a few to your special day. Children (and parents) will be glad you did!

Pass out goodie bags

Have ushers pass out treat bags to children as they are seated at the ceremony. Fill the bags with small toys like cars, plastic creatures, and action figures for boys. Pretend jewelry, a crown and dolls may be some good options for the girls. Or, make them gender-neutral with crayons, activity books, stickers, or a travel-size game.

Adding a small drink and snack to the treat bag is another great idea. Water, juice, marshmallows, crackers, and gummies are all good options. Whatever you choose to include in your goodie bags, just be sure that it is not messy or noisy, and it is safe for children of all ages.

entertain kids at your wedding - ringbearers dancing

Get the kids on the dance floor

There is one thing to be said about most kids…they are full of energy! And after sitting at the ceremony, they’ll be ready to move. What better place to entertain kids at your wedding than on the dance floor. Ask your DJ or band to play some kid-friendly music throughout the reception. Adding the chicken dance or the Limbo to your playlist is sure to get kids of all ages moving.

Setting aside a time for a kids-only dance party would be a great way to make the kiddos feel extra special. Consider songs from Disney movie soundtracks or other popular kids’ shows. And while you have all the children together on the open floor, why not hang a pinata for some extra special fun!


Offer a kids’ meal

Getting kids to sit down and eat can be a challenge. Especially with so much excitement going on around them. Cover some tables in white butcher paper or brown craft paper. Add buckets of crayons and stickers to help encourage your little guest to be seated (and stay seated) for mealtime.

Consider a special menu for the kiddos. Add simple foods like pizza, hot dogs, chicken nuggets, french fries, macaroni, etc. Serve it up buffet style, so kids can help themselves and choose a variety of their favorites.

Maybe even think about staggering your mealtimes. Open the kids-only buffet first. The little ones can eat while parents socialize over hors d’oeuvres and cocktails. Then the children can play while the parents sit and enjoy their meal.

entertain kids at wedding - Kids table at wedding with chalkboard sign, crayons, candy


Hire an on-site babysitter

If you really want to set your parent guests at ease, provide an on-site child care option. Family and friends may be a great resource, especially young teens.  Assign multiple sitters to certain time slots or activities, so they can rotate out. This way, they too are able to enjoy your special day. Be sure to offer payment of some sort to your sitters and encourage guests that may be utilizing the services to tip as well.

Create a kids’ zone

Designate an area with fun-filled kid’s activities.  Set out some classic board games like Hungry Hippo, Twister, or Operation. Puzzles and blocks are also good options for almost any kid. Provide arts and craft supplies like crayons, play dough, pipe cleaners, and stickers to keep those little hands busy for hours.

If you have an outdoor venue with extra lawn or garden space set out hula hoops, jump ropes, or even kites. Bubbles and sidewalk chalk are good options for even the littlest of guests. And lawn games like cornhole and giant Jenga are sure to entertain even the oldest of kids.

Don’t feel like you have to go out and buy all new games for this one night. Reach out to friends and family. They will probably be more than happy to loan or donate items to your kids’ zone. If you’re feeling creative, there are some great DIY carnival games ideas out there that are sure to entertain kids at your wedding.

entertain kids at wedding - kids playing on blanket at outdoor wedding


Enjoy some quiet time

After a long day of fun-filled activities, the kiddos will be ready for much needed wind-down time. Create a quiet movie space, or room if your venue allows. Set up child-size chairs, beanbags, and cushions for seating. Toss in some pillows and blankets for extra comfort. Milk and cookies or popcorn would make for a nice treat, fitting for movie time.

Whether you utilize some of these ways to entertain kids at your wedding or come up with some of your own, children and parents alike are sure to enjoy. If any of your little guests are also wedding party members, be sure they’ve dressed the part.  Jim’s Formal Wear has ring bearer styles available to rent and purchase.