Collection of colorful neck ties

Classic muted suit colors are classic for a reason: they never go out of style and look good on just about anyone. However, some events are a great opportunity to break out of your comfort zone and rock bold contrasting color combinations. When styled the right way, bold colors paired together look like a fashionable choice, not a shocking mistake.

Bright blue and red

A navy suit and a maroon tie is a somewhat classic color combination, especially when the tones are muted. Go bolder with richer, brighter colors: swap out your navy suit for an ultramarine or indigo blue suit. Give your sensible maroon tie a rest and pair it with a blood orange or scarlet red tie instead. Wear it with a crisp white shirt, or a plaid shirt in complementary colors if you’re feeling extra daring. Finish off your look with a patterned pocket square that complements your tie, like a ruby stripe or reddish-orange paisley.

Rich violet and gold

A violet tie can be a subtle pop of color against a lighter shirt and suit. Ramp up your look by pairing rich violet with an equally bright pop of yellow-orange. You can do this by wearing a patterned purple bowtie that has hints of gold in its design, which will complement a gold pocket square. Or, pair a purple gingham or graph check shirt with a sleek gold tie. Layer it all underneath a light grey suit.

Teal and tangerine

Are you ready to really get noticed? A teal and tangerine outfit looks warm and vibrant, perfect for warmer weather. If you want to play up a navy suit with these bold colors, try a tangerine pocket square with a teal and orange check shirt. Swap your navy suit pants for khaki chinos to look less formal and more relaxed. Need a warm weather look for your tan suit? Pair a pale blue shirt with a patterned teal tie and a complementary tangerine pocket square.

Brown and green

Brown suits might seem old-fashioned, but they’re a classic–and you can easily update them with splashes of green. A brown tweed suit with a patterned emerald tie and silk emerald pocket square creates a bold jewel-toned look for cooler weather. Emerald green picks up subtle colors in a tweed pattern. This color combo can easily be updated for warm weather, too. Wear a rich brown blazer with olive chinos and a pale dress shirt. Top off your look with a forest green tie and patterned pocket square.

Rock your new look of contrasting color combinations with confidence

Be confident: it’s the most important thing to remember when trying out new contrasting color combinations. Figuring out a new style can take a little trial-and-error. When you have suits in neutral colors in your wardrobe, you can have fun experimenting with ties, shirts, and pocket squares.

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