When it comes to planning your wedding day, personalization is key.  It’s all about you, your partner, and your love for one another.  Your wedding day details should reflect your relationship, personality, style, and culture.  From décor to dinner and a few things in between, we’ve rounded up some simple ways to personalize your wedding day.


Venue: Home is Where the Heart is.

Start with a setting that is special to you.  Since there truly is no place like home, what venue could be more fitting?  Not to mention the money you will save on rental fees.  But it doesn’t have to be your actual home.  Think family farm or childhood home.  Or even a vacation home, cabin, or bed and breakfast you and your fiancé have visited.  Perhaps a beach side bungalow if fun in the sun is what you crave.  Or a cozy cottage nestled in the woods for a more rustic and nature filled celebration.  Choosing a location that feels like home is a great way to personalize your wedding and fill your special day with comfort and unforgettable memories.

bride and groom holding hands, walking. Family farm behind them

Décor: It’s all in the details.

Personalize your wedding with aesthetics that express your personality and hold special meaning to you and your fiancé.  Start with the color palette.  Don’t pick colors based solely on trends.  Instead, choose shades that hold meaning and remind you of special moments or places.  Think warm tones from the first sunset you shared together.  Or bright, bold hues from your favorite piece of art or photograph.

Create fun signage to fill space at your reception.  Think outside of the box and go beyond monograms and names.  While they’re certain to add personalization, they lack personality.  Choose more meaningful words to display.  Consider a quote from your favorite movie, book, or song.  Or maybe there’s an endearing term you often say to one another.  You could even turn your love letters or vows into custom signs for an especially, heartfelt touch at your reception.

Photos are another great way to personalize your wedding day.  Consider building a photo wall.  Take a trip down memory lane with pictures of you and your family and friends throughout the years.  Or tell your love story through images from your first date, home, pet, vacation, and other milestone moments in your relationship.  Pay homage to past loved ones by designating a special place to display their photos.  Sharing these memories are sure to give your guests something to smile about.

guest book at wedding with pictures of family members in the background

Menu: Eat, Drink and be Married.

It’s been said that the fastest way to a person’s heart is through their stomach.  So, be sure to put some extra love into creating your wedding day cuisine.  Let your menu tell your love story by pairing up some of your favorite foods.  Start with appetizers from the local pub where you first met.  Follow it up with a soup or salad from that fancy Italian restaurant you ate at on your first date.  For the main course, consider a meal you’ve enjoyed cooking together or a famous family recipe.

If you and your partner share a sweet tooth, then a classic wedding cake is not going to cut it for your special day.  Create a decadent dessert buffet with an array of your family’s favorite homemade pies, cookies, candies and other baked goods to truly personalize your wedding menu.  For an extra personal, and unexpected touch, include copies of those secret family recipes with each treat.  Add take home goody boxes with a custom thank you note to the table, and just like that, these confections double as wedding favors your guests can savor!

Wash it all down with a refreshing cocktail (or mocktail if alcohol is not your drink of choice).  Serve up your signature, go to beverage.  Offer his and hers options to share both of your favorite flavors.  Don’t have a go-to beverage?  Create a custom drink all your own.  Or put a personal spin on a classic drink by giving it a clever name reflecting you and your partner or even your pet.

bride and groom holding soft pretzels up to their face, pretzel wall behind them

So before setting those big day plans, take some time to sit down with your partner and share your dream wedding visions.  What’s important to each of you, and what’s not?  Don’t be afraid to forgo traditions that feel impersonal or don’t fit into your fairytale.  Get creative and start some new traditions of your own.  After all, it’s your day, make it about you.  And don’t forget to dress the part.  Let the experts at Jim’s Formal Wear help you find a look that is truly unique and fits your personal style.  Rent in-store at one or our nearly 5,000 retailers or order online today!